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Peel & Stick

Game-changing technology with easy-to-use simplicity. SAVRpak’s Peel & Stick squares use thermodynamics to pull condensation from the air, preventing food from going soggy and food waste before it happens. Perfect for hot and cold food, each square fits inside most take-out containers, keeping food fresher up to 4x longer.

To use, freeze your SAVRpaks before service and then simply peel and stick inside the lid of your to-go container. 100% food safe and chemical free. Freeze and unfreeze as needed until use. Each SAVRpak is single-use and biodegradable.


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Humidity & Condensation

Don’t Sweat It

Humidity and condensation are fresh food’s enemy. Across the globe, the leading cause of food waste is spoiled or soggy food. That’s because, every step of the way — from the farm or restaurant to your home — good food goes bad when breaks in the supply chain happen. With SAVRpak, we stop those problems before they even happen.
Extracts Humidity & Condensation

No More
Soggy Food

Through our unique application of thermodynamics, we’re able to pull condensation created by heat released from your food out of the air. By absorbing the condensation, SAVRpak prevents your food from going bad before it’s even had a chance to meet you.

Easy to install

Easy. Safe.

We’ve tested it about a billion times (almost) and adding SAVRpak to your to-go packaging only adds about 6 seconds per order, but keeps your food fresh 4x longer. 100% food safe. 100% chemical free.

Chemical-free. Food-safe.

“Charge” your SAVRpak. Freeze for hot food, refrigerate for cold food.

Works with Clam Shells, Bags, Boxes, Plastic Containers.

Putting an End to Waste
Putting an End to Waste
Putting an End to Waste
Putting an End to Waste
Putting an End to Waste