“This is one of the greatest discoveries — really, honestly — in the history of humanity.” - Wayne Resnick

Our Story

Bill Birgen | Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineer Bill Birgen first developed SAVRpak as a way to keep his own lunch fresh. For over thirty years, Bill worked on temperature, humidity, anti-icing/de-icing solutions for aircrafts and space vehicles. Through his work, he saw that condensation was the true enemy of fresh food. To solve this, Bill looked to the laws of thermodynamics and created a peel-and-stick patch that eliminates moisture from a container before food deteriorates.

With no other solution available, Bill took his product to market, calling it Soggy Food Sucks. He later teamed with experienced food tech, design, and supply chain execs from Miso Robotics, Fisher-Paykel Appliances, and 117 Global to found SAVRpak, a company with one simple mission: no more soggy food.


This peel-and-stick patch goes on the inside of food containers to keep whatever is on the inside hot and crisp by absorbing condensation. The company is still shopping this product to potential vendors.

— CNet

Imagine a world without soggy food. Imagine crunchy freedom fries, crisp fried chicken, and salads that snap with each bite you take. This is my vision for the future of food delivery, and the ultimate user experience that I will bring to the world.

— The Spoon

Condensation and melting ice cancel each other out. It fits into any existing carry out box or container you might travel with. Give it a shot and let your favorite restaurant know about it too!

— NewsWatch

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