“This is one of the greatest discoveries — really, honestly — in the history of humanity.” - Wayne Resnick

The SAVRpak keeps your food crisp & fresh wherever you take it.

Condensation is the enemy of fresh food.

But all food creates condensation -- whether it’s french fries, chicken wings, or salad. The patented SAVRpak is a frozen peel-and-stick patch that forces moisture from the air of a container before it converts into condensation. The patch then traps the moisture to keep it away from your food.

SAVRpak can reduce humidity in a food container by up to 45 percent, keeping food more fresh and crisp than any solution on the market.


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Exploiting the Dew Point

Air contains moisture. This moisture condenses out of the air when it reaches the dew point temperature (the temperature at which air can no longer “hold” all of its water vapor). When air hits the dew point, water vapor condenses into liquid water. Following the laws of thermodynamics, the frozen SAVRpak exists at a temperature beneath the dew point and actively draws moisture from the air. The ice inside the patch provides extra extraction power, keeping your food fresher without harmful chemicals.

Hot Food

The ice in SAVRpak will not make hot food cold. Simply put, it takes more energy to force vapor out of the air than it does to make ice melt. While SAVRpak reduces humidity, it only lowers the ambient temperature by 5%.