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Yes, but *technically* we have to say we’re almost there! We’re in the process of getting certified. You can look it up: ASTM D6400 and ASTM D6868.

More than likely! We designed it to fit nearly every single type of to-go packaging out there.



When using with hot food, it has to be completely frozen before using it. When using with produce or cold food, it can be stored at room temperature.

If it does, it’s barely noticeable at all. In fact, we tested the temperature of food that had a SAVRpak and that did not have a SAVRpak and they cooled exactly the same over the same period of time. So as long as your SAVRpak isn’t touching the food, it will only cool it down about 5% and that only happens after 20-25 minutes


We may be able to supply you with a small freezer in the future.


Absolutely! In fact, if you have a really big box, you can use two SAVRpaks to tackle the steam. 


No, all our products are shipped and stored at ambient room temperature to make it easier for bulk storage and shipping. 


SAVRpak  is microwave safe for short reheats but we strongly recommend against it. SAVRpak  works by removing humidity inside the container; microwaving it will release the humidity back onto the food.


Whether you’re a small business, huge chain, or an individual wanting to make a difference, SAVRpak helps you share the absolute best quality food you can with your customers. Even better, when you use SAVRpak, you’re helping to tackle the global issue of food waste. In this era of app delivery, soggy food definitely isn’t something you want to be known for. Since you don’t have a lot of control over your food once it leaves your hands, we think SAVRpak is an easy way to help make sure your food arrives as fresh as it possibly can. 

“We’re using this new technology for all our to-go orders. It’s really easy, doesn’t take much time, and makes sure the food stays fresher longer and doesn’t show up soggy. Just grab a pack, freeze it up, then when it’s time, send out an order—Grab. Peel. Stick.—that’s it.”


Ideally, there’s a .25” air gap between your food and your SAVRpak. However, if your SAVRpak does touch the food, that’s no problem at all. It still works great and it’s 100% food safe.

Not at all! SAVRpak works just as well with cold or hot food. Temperature doesn’t matter when condensation is the enemy.



The exact amount of time depends on a lot of factors, but if you’re using a fully frozen SAVRpak and there’s enough room for air flow between the food and the pack, you’re looking at about 45 minutes – 1 hour longer of freshness.

It varies based on what your to-go packaging is like, but it is as simple as it sounds: Peel and stick. Peel the wax paper off, exposing the food safe adhesive. Stick it to the top inside cover of your food container. Put the lid on and seal it up. 


Easy! Just put them back in the freezer so they can freeze back up before the next shift. Repeat as needed because, as long as they haven’t been used with food, SAVRpak can be re-frozen again and again.

SAVRpak is 100% food safe. It works best if it doesn’t touch the food, but if it does, it’s not an issue at all.


About 6 seconds. Pack your orders just like normal and stick your SAVRpak on at the very end, just before sending out. 


While it depends on how much condensation your food creates, on average, SAVRpak easily works through the normal delivery window of 15-45 minutes, aggressively absorbing humidity to keep your food fresh.


Absolutely! We currently have patents in the USA, China, UK, Australia, and India.


Yes! Our packs are FDA compliant and food-safe.

Fighting Food Waste
Fight Food Waste
Fight Food Waste
Fight Food Waste
Fight Food Waste